Adam + Kim: Two Become One

I got a chance to cover Adam and Kim's autumn wedding a few weeks back. Now its time to share the highlights.

For me, the day started out at her parents place. A chance for me to get a few detail shots while Kim got her make up done and had pizza with the girls. Adam soon arrived with his entourage. My favorite thing, a first look, happened in the back yard while I snuck around and tried to catch the excitement. 

Party shots and portraits were done in the soy bean field behind her parents place followed by the ever so popular Vineland Research Station. It was a great time. I had a lot of fun using the settings in ways I hadn't before. Always up for a challenge.

We then hurried off to the church for a simple and lovely ceremony. I do, I do, you may kiss your bride, and may I introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Adam Korvemaker...