ReBlog: Greg and Marissa: 2 Become 1 !

I've decided that over the next little bit I will be re-blogging some of my best weddings from last year here on my new blog to showcase my work a bit better than it was when It was originally posted on my blogger site. I love the look of this squarespace blog, and would hate to not show my best work on it... Here's #1: 


I really couldn't help but admire Marissa's beauty on her big day. What a show stopper. Wow. 

I also couldn't help but tell Greg "Man, look at your bride..." He obviously knew, but was still in awe. 

It was a great day. Started out with bride prep at the bride's parents house, and then off to Vineland Research Station. A lot of wedding get shot there and I was determined to shoot it a different way. Find different angles, make it different. I think I did okay. After, it was off to a beautiful ceremony in Jordan. 

Have a look for yourself. Just a few of the many I took that day.