Jake + Michelle: You're the 1

Jake and Michelle are awesome. And completely in love. You can tell immediately.

I could stop there with there, but I won't. When organizing this engagement shoot, we had origianally planned to have a campfire theme down on a beach with roasting marshmallows and the whole bit, ( her idea, so awesome! )but the rain in May kept delaying us. After a scare again of rain on this night, we decided to give a coffee shop theme a go and it was a good decision. We met in downtown St. Kitts and had a blast on a side street before going in for a cup of coffee, then found a great alley way to try some dramatic backlit flash stuff.

Great fun with these two and I can't wait to shoot their big day in August!.

Make sure to peak at the last shot here. It was fun to do a 'gif-ified" eshoot!